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Triad MLS and Zillow / Trulia

Triad MLS Information on Zillow and Trulia

The Triad MLS Board of Directors voted at their February 19th meeting to proceed with contract negotiations with Zillow. They did not vote to sign a contract. The Triad MLS Board is committed to pursuing the best possible terms for its members. The approval to sign any final agreement with Zillow will be made by the Board of Directors after input by the Syndication Task Force and will be dependent on the terms of the contract. If the contract is ultimately approved by the Triad MLS Board, Triad MLS will ONLY send listings of brokers who Opt-In. Brokers will continue to have the option to not participate. The Board is mindful of the April 7th deadline when ListHub will no longer distribute listings to Zillow and will make every effort to get the contract negotiated as soon as possible. Until a contract is finalized, the only means by which Triad MLS will send listings to Zillow is through ListHub at the Broker’s discretion.

Last week, news broke that ListHub would stop sending listings to Trulia on February 26th. However, today a judge ruled in favor of Trulia and ListHub will continue to supply that listing data to Trulia until the court holds a hearing on March 12th.


There continues to be legal issues between ListHub and Zillow/Trulia and it is unclear at this time how long the current data feed to Trulia through ListHub will continue beyond March 12th.

There is no way for us to predict what will happen and Firms should be prepared for worst case scenarios. In the interim, as stated previously, Triad MLS will continue to work on negotiations for a data license agreement with our member’s best interests in mind.

Matrix is HERE!!

Triad MLS is pleased to announce that Matrix is NOW available to all Triad MLS members in parallel with our current Tempo/Fusion platforms.

New Triad MLS Matrix URL: http://triad.mlsmatrix.com

Please note the Triad MLS Transition to Matrix Resource Guide under the Help Tab. This is an excellent starting point and should help you understand the BIG differences between our current platforms and Matrix. User Guides and Video Tutorials are also available under the Help Tab and we encourage all to review. Should you need assistance, please email helpdesk@triadmls.com with your questions. While all above is now available within Matrix, we'll leave the below links here for your access.

Video Tutorials
Hotsheets: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube
Client Portal Configuration: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube
Stats: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube
CMA: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube
Contacts: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube
Carts: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube
Input: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube
Overview: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube
Search: Flash .swfiPad/iPhone .mp4YouTube

Stay tuned for training information and schedules!

Triad MLS MARKETrends Premium!

Triad MLS is proud to bring you another member benefit at no cost!

Triad MLS is providing a FREE MARKETrends Premium subscription to all members effective immediately!

- Use MARKETrends Premium to produce beautiful, custom graphs and reports for client presentations, blogs, newsletters and social media. No extra cost for Triad MLS Members!
- Use Triad's new MARKETrends Premium Suite to help you clearly evaluate and communicate what's going on in your local market. With up-to-date market data at your fingertips, you can deepen your role as your client's trusted advisor.
- Looking smart has never been so easy - or looked so good!
- Triad's new MARKETrends Premium suite provides you the voice to demonstrate your market knowledge, and the means to broadcast it to past and future clients. People will love the graphical view of local housing trends!

Please visit the following page and click "Start your free subscription now!" to begin the registration process. On the next screen, simply enter your agent ID and Last Name.

MARKETrends Premium Triad

Please be sure to note and review the FAQ's, Definitions and available training webinar!

What everyone MUST know about the Matrix Conversion!

Triad MLS Matrix Conversion Update!!

As we prepare to move from our current platforms, Tempo and Fusion, we wanted to get this information our to all Triad MLS members so you all could know what is coming and prepare accordingly. The document below gives you valuable information in regards to our conversion and we encourage all members to read and review.

We will keep you all up to date as we progress so you will know specific timelines. Thank you and we are very excited to bring this platform to our membership!

AnnounceMyListing Email Service for NEW Listings

Triad MLS and AnnounceMyListing have implemented a new service that will send Listing Agents ONE email for every new listing they enter. This offers them the ability to auto-generate a social media announcement for that listing! There is only ONE email sent to ONLY the List Agent and they have the ability to opt-out should they not want to receive these.

This process began with listings that have a List Date greater than or equal to 10/13/2014. In addition, the email is sent to you ONLY when photos are available.

Please go to the following link for a Video and a Slide Show explaining exactly how this process works.


Realist Mobile App

Triad MLS announces availability of Realist Mobile app!!

Effective Today June 12, 2014, Triad MLS members can now successfully register and activate the Realist mobile app!  Please review the below documents:

Please note that even if you download app from stores, you will not be able to authenticate until AFTER you perform the registration and activations from your desktop on Monday!.

Realist Mobile App Demonstrations

TRIADMLS2Go Mobile App !

Agent Branding and Client Collaboration are now available on our mobile app!

Please click here to access information.

The Triad MLS 2 Go mobile app is available for download from either the Apple iTunes Store or the Android Google Play Store!  This app is available to all Triad MLS Participants and Subscribers. Consumers can also access the same data as on TriadMLS.com and for consumers, Triad MLS 2 Go is the 'Public MLS Website' presence in the app store!

Download the app for iPhone/iPad here

Download the app for Android here

rDesk Flyers now Available!!

For those who have attended one of our rDesk training sessions, please be sure to note that all the Flyers are now available for use!  If you haven’t seen the rDesk offerings yet, be sure to sign up for a training event soon!

FREE Training Offered

As a benefit of membership at Triad Multiple Listing Service seven courses are now offered to all members. Click on the link to see the classes and descriptions.
TMLS Training Course Descriptions

Click here to see the training class calendar: Training Course Calendar


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